Friday, March 30, 2012


Part of my care package from Tim :) A couple of well constructed and painted Sherman tanks. Not sure who makes these but they are welcome additions bringing the number of these in my collection to five; almost two full companies.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Commando conversions

A few pictures of the Commando stands I'm also working on

 Chris sent me some Matchbox ones last year and these have provided the bulk of current work in progress stock

Most of the Airfix figures were donations from Tim and Paul with the two stands below taking pride of place in my collection. Until now I didn't have a single one of these rare figures, so absolutely chuffed with their inclusion

These two from Tim

And, these ones from Paul

Matchbox and Airfix conversions, still a bit of green-stuff to add to these ones

Still trying to work out what to do for weapons platoons but I still have a couple of weeks up my sleeve

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Labour Unit

These are for the game I'm working on. They will represent one company of the German Labour Corps

They are grouped with engineers but don't have the same engineering or combat capabilities, they are basically labourers who wear uniforms and have very basic weapons training 

In CD3 terms they are lightly armed and fire as 'other' which is really only useful in defensive situations because range and rate of fire is greatly reduced

Revell figures, mostly from the excellent engineer set. Now I'm working on some more Commando stands from a stash that Tim sent for me, pictures of the progress with those soon :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Planning a game

Here are a few pictures of a scenario I am setting up to game with Gerard. It still needs quite a bit of work with special rules and turn timing events before it will work properly with CD3. The event is Operation Archery, 1941. I've already had one attempt at creating a map for that, and this time round have a far more playable table, though not as attractive, certainly more functional.

This is two platoons of mountain infantry that were on leave in the town at the time of the raid. It is also an area where civilian units are included 

Part of the harbour area. On the last map I did for this much more of the coast was represented, which in the end was not needed and made landing too difficult to be accurate the dam did not need to be modelled either

Another section of the town, close to the dock area and another start point for a civilian unit

The more concentrated landing area on this map allows units to deploy in a timely and controlled manner, which helps to better reflect the actual events of the day

This represents the hearing oil factory area, one of the main objectives

German HQ starting area. One company of regular infantry and one light tank are the total reinforcements for the German player, oh that's you Gerard :) 

The railhead covered by an AA unit, starting point for more civilians and one of the raider's objectives

Both sides have air cover. Still a bit to do with map and rules but will be ready by the holidays, all going to plan.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Carden Loyd Light Tank

I got this with my minor nations collection in mind. These tanks were sold to a number of countries in various  amounts, including: Holland, Greece and China to mention just a few

The paint scheme is 'factory' not representing any particular nations preference

It is a resin kit by Frontline Models, a total of four parts, nicely detailed and very good value for money

I will almost certainly get another two of these to give me a full company

Might even find a couple of decals to give it just a little more detail.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

43-45 Panzergrenadiers

A few pictures of my more or less completed regiment. The camouflage pattern is basically the same for all, though every other stand had either green, black or both added for variety 

Some of the company command platoons

Rifle platoons

Weapons platoons

Anti-tank platoons

Regimental engineer company, flame-thrower equipped and have their own weapons platoon

A few more rifle platoons

Various command stands

120mm mortar crews

AT platoons x1 for each battalion

Pegasus 120mm mortars

Group shot of the three infantry battalions minus the support units. So far I only have enough half-tracks and trucks to mount one battalion so I'd like to acquire some more transport for them in the not-too-distant-future

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A few pictures of the 120s I'm working on for the regiment

Mortars and figures are by Pegasus and I've added a few details to some of them for a little more variety

Will try to make the finished product pictures a little clearer for you :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Progress

Regimental engineer company for my 43-45 panzergrenadier unit

Various lighting experiments here, the figures have also had a little more work done since

Working on some 120mm mortar crews as well, those in a couple of days...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Russian 76

The first of a couple of the famous ZiS-3, sent to me by Tim via Paul - excellent as I didn't have any

Simple kit with not too many parts that went together quite well

I used Vallejo 70924 Russian Uniform for this as it is slightly different from the 70894 that I usually use for Soviet stuff, went a bit overboard the the ink here

Finished product, still dark but just a little bit tidier all around. This kit is by Unimodel.