Saturday, September 29, 2012

1940 French Dragoons

Still a couple of platoons to add, but the rest of this project is more or less finished

Liquid Green Stuff for the joins

Still a couple of mmg stands short but Christmas is coming :)

A couple of the line companies, of which there are nine in total

Anti tank gunners

Attached regimental assets: command, MP, mortar, aalmg, telephone platoon

The full regiment needs only a handful of command and mmg stands to be complete. I can also change the formation slightly to use the group as a mechanised infantry unit; though I think I'd need about thirty Lorranie APCs :( As it stands the dragoon regiment needs sixteen trucks, cars and carriers of different types, so I'll look to get some more of these in the future

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dave's Chi Ha company

Recent progress from Dave...

Classic Airfix kits, painted and detailed to his usual standards

Not often you need large numbers of Japanese tanks so these will see him right for most games

Over 2000 of these Type 97s were built, so they are a very common inclusion in many Japanese formations

Light tank by CD standards

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pack 75 M116

Put these together last night, one each from Gerard and Paul

Somewhat awkward engineering but still very nice models

Two is enough for most requirements, primarily marines and airborne 

Gunners to be completed at a later date. These guns will also work with a variety of other formations, theatres and periods. Versions of it are still in use today. Thanks boys :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

French Dragoons CD stands

A few pictures of the company command platoons for my dragoons project. All are at the final stage, ready for touch-up finishing with my finest brush

Caesar, Pegasus and Revell officer figures, mostly Pegasus rifleman. The Revell ones got new heads

All nine of them. I'm working on the MMG and rifle platoons which are at different stages, and still have to add telephone, MP, anti-tank, mortar, and pure command stands. Quite a way to go on this unit but it's the first thing I've really got into for a while so will take my time

Sunday, September 16, 2012

French 47mm anti-tank gun

One of the better early war anti-tank guns this, designated 47 SA 37

Available in only limited numbers during the Battle of France

The last of my recent acquisitions from Early War Miniatures

In CD, some formations have a troop of these as their dedicated AT attachment, while others have to make do with guns of smaller calibre. This 47L50 was bought with my current dragoon project in mind.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

French AALMG

Progress on my 1940 dragoon regiment continues with the addition of this anti-aircraft light machinegun platoon 

figures are Pegasus and Esci, the loader didn't quite get the attention he needed 

I used a bit of Citadel Liquid Green-Stuff here and there as an experiment, pretty good gap filler though in fairness a wee bit expensive :(

This unit would usually be part of a RHQ but can be attached to other commands if required. Of dubious AA capability, it is a deterrent at best and would be unlikely to bring down an aircraft on its own. Still, something different  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

More French additions...

Yet another addition to my French gun collection

This will be the second 25mm anti-tank gun for the Dragoons unit I'm working on, in CD terms it is simply a 25L72 with a RoF x3

The M37 was also used by the UK, Romania, Finland and Norway, and the Germans after the fall of France

Another good kit by Early War Miniatures

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WW2 French Engineers

Now that my daughter's 21st birthday is over with I have found some time to myself and here are the latest results...

Figures are Pegasus and Caesar 

Flame-thrower engineer platoon; quite rare in the French army of this era 

Command engineer platoon

A couple of variations of the same two figures

In CD3 there are several combinations of attachment for engineers, so, depending on the size of the main formation, anything from one to five additional engineer platoons might be added to the OOB.

I tried to style them in the assault mode rather than construction. This unit does not enjoy the same firepower as a German equivalent of the same time but is still a very versatile and solid unit of infantry nonetheless.