Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Soviet Command Armoured Car

This is the only command vehicle I have for my cold war era Soviets, so far. A very well engineered kit from ICM in the Ukraine

Two options, the other being a standard open-topped troop carrier

Vellejo paints and Citadel washes, as usual

This will usually function at the regimental level for an infantry unit but they were also used in tank formations in command and recon roles

Over 15,000 of these were built, and saw service into the early 1990s so I'll certainly get a lot of use out of it. This vehicle is still in use today by about two dozen countries in roles including: tow-truck, ambulance, anti aircraft and command and control.

Monday, July 29, 2013

More Cold War Russians

Like my earlier attempts, a mixture of Esci WW2 + Spetsnaz. I managed a motorised regiment, now all I need is the motors, which may later come in the form of the new S-Models BDRM-2 and BMP1s. 

RHQ, battalion commanders to the rear

RHQ assets, mounted recon squad, anti tank and anti aircraft platoons

MMG Company. Grouped as a company at the regimental level but also attachable

Battalion Z

Battalion Y

Command Machinegun platoons, both battalions have these

A few of the rifle platoons

Battalion mortar platoons

The Regiment. I now have enough here to play a decent game against my cold war British

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Project Progress

Not working full-time anymore has given me a lot more time and head-space for different stuff, mostly hobby stuff but also sports and leisure generally :) Here are a couple of pics of my latest project

All the figures are from my very limited supply of donor figures and accessories 

Last one is of my Great Dane, Steiner, just because he's cool and makes my life a better place everyday he's in it :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Zombie Game 1

Me and Tracy played my zombie board game the other night, as usual, I played the zombies. The heroes mission was to find the keys to the truck and escape

Incredibly hot, buxom, nursey-chick uses her trusty pump-action shotgun to see off a couple of 'walkers' early in the game

While she was doing this the policeman and the priest filled the empty fuel tank on the pickup truck, from a tin filled at the gas station

A few turns of searching and killing zombies, mostly at close-quarters it has to be said, sees Jake the Drifter find the keys to the truck on a table in the gas station

Heavy rain gave the zombies a sporting chance late in the game, and a couple of heroes had close calls

The heroes now begin to assemble at the truck, ready to make their escape

The zombies managed to pose a serious threat on the last couple turns, and a group of them attacked at once...

However, all were dispatched with ease (with the priest being particularly combative) and the heroes made their escape in the truck 

Better than watching television any night of the week, next time I might get to play the heroes :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Airfix Landrover Ambulance

 Another recently completed addition to my ever increasing cold war collection.

A very tidy kitset, no flash, with well defined parts that went together without any problems

I went for option 'B'doors closed

Vallejo colours, the base coat this time being 70888 'Olive Grey', followed by my usual wash + drybrushing method

A couple of minor issues with the decals but we got there in the end

Have since put the glass in for the side windows too

Eventually I'll get some troop carrier versions of this vehicle as well. Might use ambulances in a CD3 CW campaign but otherwise it is really just for looks

Monday, July 22, 2013

The 'Brig'

This arrived in the post the other day, a present from my dear old mum. It is a biography of one of New Zealand's most capable soldiers of the First World War. Researched and written by my friend Gordon 'Doug' Sylvester

Brigadier Meldrum spent a lot of his later years in Greymouth, New Zealand, which is where I just moved from. The book is the first written solely about this most remarkable yet modest soldier and well worth the read for anyone interested, particularly, in New Zealand military history.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paper Terrain

Bit of an experiment with this, never used paper models before

Glued onto firm card

Cut out

Stuck together. Still not sure about these but they might just do until I can get some new model railway buildings. Have looked at this site a few times and might try one of the smaller village packs in 20mm as a bit of a tester - stay tuned

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Airfix Saracen

Spent a wee bit of time in these, though we mostly used open-topped Landrovers - a good place to sneak a quick smoke on cold, wet night in Ulster :)

Getting better at undercoating whilst still on the sprue

Base colour is Vallejo 70975 'Military Green'

Black/Green wash

Basic highlights

A great kit that went together really well. All parts were well engineered and there was no flash

Eventually I'd like to be able to mount a full infantry battalion in these, so have resolved to slowly keep adding them to my collection. I need a total of 12

I don't know when these were officially withdrawn from service but I've seen enough of them around to know they were popular outside of the U.K as well. Only nine more to collect :)