Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Bits-Boxes

My addition to Paul's idea about our spares...

This is my armoured bits box, wish I had more especially PzI & II bits, early war being my favourite period

This is the rest of it, my general spares bits box, wheels, ladders, tank and gun crew figures, etc. I also have a figures spares box with around 400 from different periods and nations. Sure look forward to seeing other Bloggers spares collections and drooling:)


  1. That all looks hellish well organised!

  2. Yours is far more organized than mine is but, with me it's all about the hunt ...lol

  3. Excellent! Quite a collection, and, as others have stated, very well sorted!

  4. :) thanks lads, I'd like bits boxes with more wrecks, etc, forgot to mention that about 100 of the figures were donations from Paul and others


  5. I am impressed, the great dung out of 2012 was most successful!

  6. Hi Al,

    They are a tiny treasure:)I'm jealous.

  7. I will give it a week if you are anything like me mate. It will soon get back to normal I have rearly seen a clean work desk lol.

    Looks good mate.(whey hey I can comment again)

    Cheers Rich.

  8. Such compartmentalisation will provide adaquate underwater protection any battleship would be proud of ;)

    You can never have too many spares ;)

  9. I haven't bothered to sort out my 20mil bitz yet, but my old GW box is.... well it's pretty much two small tables at this stage.

    1. Two small tables! Like to see that mate. Welcome back. thought you'd fallen off the face of the planet