Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dave's Danert (wire that is)

Bit of a lesson from scenery maker extraordinaire David Russell...

Undercoated base stands

Some attention to the height of the fixing posts is important to keep it all in scale with 20mm

Dave has all of the right tools, I tend to improvise a bit more on most things:)

Always looks better sanded - same if you're drilling into hills

Usually Dave would have his kids at different stages of the scenery factory, as you've all seen before

Ready for the wire

Different sized dowel will produce larger or smaller coils depending on what you're after

The brown stuff on the base is really strong builders contact glue, it's called liquid nails over here

Note the spacing

Flock for basing, Dave makes his stuff from really fine saw dust which has been coloured

For WW1 games you can never have enough of this stuff

Thanks Dave


  1. OOOH! that looks fiddly but the end result is very effective.

  2. Good work, there is both quality and quantity, Stalin would be well pleased

    Looks dangerous for WWI too!

  3. Looks great on the table and you've done a smashing job with the tutorial.

  4. Kursk Christmas I pressume. Great work Dave!

  5. What a nice tutorial! Thanks for ideas...good!! :)

  6. Excellent production, wait until he gets his kids involved:)