Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modern British

Revell British. Just enough figures to make an artillery forward observation battery:)

These were in the stash sent to me by Nate, most had already been undercoated or had a base coat applied

They might see the odd Cold War game but are really a little late for my main areas of interest

Quite nice figures, though perhaps closer to 1/76 than 1/72

Based for CD Cold War, each stand represents a platoon, or troop in this case

I might look to get a few more of these figures just so I can field a full battalion if ever needed. Just some minor finishing required, I might yet have these finished by the end of the weekend.


  1. Oh I am sure we can fit them in for a game.

    Nice work Al.

  2. Lovely work. Even though this isn´t my period I really like this set..the poses are great..

  3. Good work, I'll have to put these on teh must purchase list

  4. Thanks lads, the figures are okay. If I get some more I might try a few modifications; we used different versions of the M16 as much as SA80s, so that's a start

  5. Did I only send you 6, Al? Let me ferret around and see if I can find the rest.

  6. That's okay Nate, they were gratefully received, however, as they say in the RN, 'more is better'