Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Archive Two

Great War, Second World War and Cold War aircraft collection, each era has at least doubled in size since this picture was taken. At this time I had to take pictures of my entire collection and get it valued so that it could be added to our insurance

Several varieties and manufacturers represented here. The bomber at the back is an American Martin MB1, which has seen one tabletop game as part of a Nationalist Chinese force

Most theatres and eras covered for WW2, my favourites are the Battle and the Defiant

Cold War, now includes a Canadian Sabre and a Gloster Meteor.

Monday, May 19, 2014

From the Archives

Found a few old pictures that have been featured before but they are Marines :)

These are some of my earlier conversion attempts. I learnt a lot about just how much you can really achieve doing the monster mash with body parts

The figures were all donated to me by other Bloggers who supported my project with various spares; special thanks to Tim for adding to my collection some of the rare Airfix Commandos

Hard to do with bigger formations but a cool project for a raider style group

Something new as soon as I get on to it :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bit of a mix

Recent circumstances haven't really offered a lot of opportunity for any of my own hobby interests, so in the interim here are a few pictures of some of Dave's work in progress, and a couple more from Col's collection

Dave is making a WW1 Western Front ANZAC force using mostly HaT Canadian and US figures

Japanese and US Marines

Falklands era Fleet Air Arm


Hope to have some time and inclination in the not-too-distant future.