Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Archive Two

Great War, Second World War and Cold War aircraft collection, each era has at least doubled in size since this picture was taken. At this time I had to take pictures of my entire collection and get it valued so that it could be added to our insurance

Several varieties and manufacturers represented here. The bomber at the back is an American Martin MB1, which has seen one tabletop game as part of a Nationalist Chinese force

Most theatres and eras covered for WW2, my favourites are the Battle and the Defiant

Cold War, now includes a Canadian Sabre and a Gloster Meteor.


  1. That's a good idea, getting your collection insured. I wonder if the other wargamers do this.

    This is a stunning group of planes. I like that big American Martin MB1 as well. Those wings are huge!

  2. wonderful collection!
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice collection of aircraft. The DH-2 and Corsair are my particular favourites.

  4. cool collection Al have we had a close up pictures of the WW1 bomer?

    1. Still fixing it up, pictures for you on the weekend mate. BTW, has Paul mentioned you two are coming here for games week this year?

  5. Great looking line up of aircrafts!

  6. Planes are a labour intensive investment ;)

    Good collections Al!