Monday, May 19, 2014

From the Archives

Found a few old pictures that have been featured before but they are Marines :)

These are some of my earlier conversion attempts. I learnt a lot about just how much you can really achieve doing the monster mash with body parts

The figures were all donated to me by other Bloggers who supported my project with various spares; special thanks to Tim for adding to my collection some of the rare Airfix Commandos

Hard to do with bigger formations but a cool project for a raider style group

Something new as soon as I get on to it :)


  1. Great figures Al! Nicely painted, hard to believe they are 1/72nd scale.

  2. The Airfix Commandos never looked so good! nice work Al!

  3. You did good with these mate. Lots of life in them.

  4. Nice stuff, Al. Inspiration for my own conversions of the Esci Commandos, mostly sawing off their soft caps and giving them berets so they are more useful. Changing a few of the more miserable poses …

  5. Nice work Al, they are full of character, I wish I could get my hands on some of those Airfix specials ;)