Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Plastic Soldier T70 Russian Tank

Another excellent set of models from this imaginative little company...

Well engineered, everything fits well, and you get a couple of crew figures if you want to add a little more detail; as always, the crew figures on my models designates a command platoon

Vallejo colours, Citadel washes and a little ink. Decals from the spares bag

Armed with a 45L56 and one machinegun

In service between 1942-48. 

Taking the Daytona on a road trip to NSW, back in a week or so.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jungle Scenery

Had these for a while and forgot about them, some jungle terrain made by Dave's daughter Emma...

You don't have to spay them but it helps take the gloss plastic look off the leaves, etc


This size area would shelter one or two platoons in CD scale

Looks good eh?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It aint half hot mum - The Imphal 1944

Another 34 degree day here in the Bay

Perfect conditions for the second game between me and Phil. He played the Japanese, I the British

Straight out attacker/defender scenario, using reinforced infantry battalion sized forces

Japanese mortar position, which couldn't offer the usual support it would owing to a lack of forward observation. For this jungle fighting game LOS was restricted to 5" in close terrain and 10" down the couple of open 'tracks'that we had on the board

The British had only six turns to secure the bridge, but could call for one more if they had at least three undamaged stands in good morale within 6"of it, so they had to keep moving forward 

The mounted company, tasked with securing the bridge, comes under grouped small arms fire from two flanks, but their morale holds and they simply dismount from their carriers and begin to return fire 

Matchbox Japanese

British HQ group

Another carrier is hit, and Phil moved his only uncommitted stands to try and finish this company off

But not quick enough. Here British reserves advance up the main track, supported by the armoured car (Matchbox)

Phil ordered this company to form up for a human wave assault to try and stop my lead companies getting too near the bridge, and thus being able to call for the additional turn if I needed it

However, their intended target received a 'dummy'order, stood fast and and made the most of the following Opportunity Fire Phase

Meanwhile the right flank keeps grinding forward, despite running firefights with the forward Japanese platoons. All British figures are by Airfix

Leaderless and demoralized. This reduced company was effectively out of the game by turn 4

The human wave assault comes to a grinding halt

And, on the right flank, the British draw enough undamaged stands close to the bridge to call for the extra turn

Final shot shows the British had really only advanced against one flank, and Phil never really moved enough of his forces to check this, content to just exchange fire where he could

A good couple of games, though ultimately quite boring affairs with little room for manoeuvre, owing to a small board and limited figures and kit availability.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Actually, should read... world's worst undercarriage assembly ever!

Each one of these parts has had to be repaired owing to (serious) previous damage

Why Airfix had to make them this way instead of one-piece is totally beyond me? Having such an intricate assembly puts unnecessary stress on certain parts!

Monster mashed but together :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rigging the 0-400

This section of the build is fairly starting to do my head in!

The whole tail section has had to be 'pulled' back into line

The block jigs and a little pressure helped in some place but not others, resulting in a 'good as I can get it' compromise 

This had to be re-wired three or four times

I used a light gauge wire for this section because I couldn't put any stress on the tail section without it twisting and breaking (this is a really old model and the previous owner's efforts have damaged some crucial parts). The wire gives it some strength strand by strand, whereas the clear nylon works by having the whole thing tied in end to end

Here are the wings and tail section now fully rigged and tied off, ready for filling and sanding. The Se5a in the middle is the only other aircraft I have ever rigged prior to this attempt. To be honest, I'm not too sure how this will hold up as I have had to improvise around areas that are weak and/or have been repaired. Further progress when I feel like I need a challenge :)