Monday, October 29, 2012


I acquired these two from an online auction some time ago

For CD3 they can represent almost any version of the PzIII, I chose this one (M) because they were quite common between 1942-43; in fact they served in limited numbers through to the end of 1944 in several different theatres of the war

As always, Paul helped me out with the third tank needed to complete the company

All three are by Esci

This model had been up-gunned to the, infinitely more suitable, 50L60 

Don't know if these side-skirts are included with this kit, or if they were added by the previous owner? Either way they look good, and between them and the figure in the turret make for an obvious command vehicle

All painted with Vallejo colours, crew figure and decals from the spares department. My only mid-war PzIII company so far.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

More early war Germans

Finally got these to the final touch-up stage, another hour or two and they'll be done. I tried to use Airfix or Matchbox figures where possible

Here are the mortars, x1 for each battalion

MMGs, each battalion included x5 machinegun platoons. A British unit of the same era had just one

I used Vallejo paints. The German colour looked a bit unusual at first, but once you get the highlights on it's actually quite close to Field Grey

Classic poses. The grenadier is one of only a few figures with a weapon sculpted on its back

I now have two regiments for the 1939-1940 period, and have started planning one for 1941-42

One battalion all Airfix, one all Matchbox, and one mixed

I probably could have finished these over the recent holiday break but got sidetracked with other we do!

Monday, October 22, 2012

WW1 Indians

These were originally created for my East Africa collection, but have also been used in games set in France and Gallipoli

Mostly based on the excellent HaT ANZAC set

All of the rifle companies are led by British officers

Battalion HQ

A very versatile unit, I've used in them in WW2 games a couple of times as well

Friday, October 19, 2012

King's African Rifles

This unit represents the famous KAR, and are the main opposition for the previously featured Germans. Figures are mostly Waterloo 1815

One of the rifle companies

Most companies were lead by regular British Army officers

Battalion HQ

The unit eventually numbered over 30,000 men by 1918, compared with the German's 14,000

These figures will also be getting some attention, once I finish the Germans

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

German East Africa - part 2

As you can see, part b is not too flash. Most of the paintwork is very old and faded, and, indeed, quite rough. The plan is to smarten them all up a bit and maybe expand the force with any new additions that turn up in time. As it stands there are two infantry battalions plus a command and a support group; they count as 'regulars'

The East African formations were organised differently from those in Europe, hence the three company battalion

Arifix, HaT and Emhar figures

This is the Ruga-Ruga company, they are mostly porters and a support unit in the logistical sense, however can function as a fighting unit also, although their firepower leaves a bit to be desired. The really useful thing about these troops is that they can be attached to other companies in basically any number. This East African collection dates from my earliest entry into this hobby and is long overdue for tarting-up.

Friday, October 12, 2012

German East Africa - part 1

Looking at including a WW1 scenario from Africa for this year's games week. Paul has a gunboat that he's been working on and there are a couple of other little things we have between us that will all help make for a great game. Anyway, I've dug out my German East Africa collection for tidying up, and here is the first part of it...

x6 Field Companies, each commanded by a German officer, x3 companies are detailed as 'defense' and include a machinegun platoon, while x3 are detailed as 'assault' and can be reinforced by 'support' or Ruga-Ruga platoons as required

Most of the figures are by HaT, although there are a few minor conversions amongst the support units

This is the regimental HQ which includes two machinegun platoons and a medium (17cm) mortar platoon, these are usually wagon or mule transported

x2 companies of German Marines, mostly Revell figues. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A few of Gerard's infantry...

The last few pictures I have from model maker-extraordinaire Gerard Davey 

Late war figures by Valiant 


A couple of different Vickers MG platoons

3" mortar, some units got 4.2" mortars added later in the war

I think if the Valiant sets had been genuinely 1/72 scale from the outset they would have been onto a winner

Revell paratroopers

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Naval Game

A few pictures from a recent game with Paul, using his excellent new 1/300 modern naval collection

The string is used to show Exocet missile launches

The smoke at the end of the track on this one shows it has been eliminated by counter-missile systems

Paul's command took repeated hits from various weapons systems late in the game forcing him to withdraw

Here two of my RN ships sail past the sinking KRI vessel in hot pursuit of its retreating comrades, a few Carley Floats being thrown to survivors in the water in passing 

HMS Minerva and Jupiter closing in on their damaged opponents 

HMS Fife, first missile is eliminated in flight

But the second one is bang on!

A really enjoyable game to get the hang of Paul's rules and models. I think there will be greater levels of detail added once we get more familiar with the concept and its strategies. Great stuff :)