Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holiday Project

Back to this early war German regiment I started a while ago...

another three battalions plus attachments 

Mostly Airfix and Matchbox figures, aiming for that classic look in uniform and style to fit the early war period. These are being painted with the Vallejo combinations of colours

Some French gunners on the go as well

Background shows the first of my early war German regiments, which was done with mostly Pegasus figures and painted with Tamiya colours, will show you a comparison when I'm finished


  1. good luck, I am enjoyig this little holiday too, New Zealand was a good choice to move from the otherside of the world too. now I can paint models in the nice warm spring air... but the north island is currently getting random showers and my germans will take a bit more than a few specs of paint to complete... hopefully I'll have them done by the end of the holidays, hope you manage to get it all done too.

  2. Thanks Gowan, I used to live out your old nick when I was a Marine so I know what you're saying about the spring. Take your time with your paint work mate


  3. nice germans. will they fight against those french you been working on?what battle are you gonna re-fight?

    1. Looking at doing a number of maps from the Battle of France, a guy on the CD3 website has over 50 written scenarios to chose from :)

  4. There's something about the old style figures that still maker smile. Good luck.

  5. I still love these matchbox-minis. I´m so happy that Revell started to bring them back.