Saturday, October 27, 2012

More early war Germans

Finally got these to the final touch-up stage, another hour or two and they'll be done. I tried to use Airfix or Matchbox figures where possible

Here are the mortars, x1 for each battalion

MMGs, each battalion included x5 machinegun platoons. A British unit of the same era had just one

I used Vallejo paints. The German colour looked a bit unusual at first, but once you get the highlights on it's actually quite close to Field Grey

Classic poses. The grenadier is one of only a few figures with a weapon sculpted on its back

I now have two regiments for the 1939-1940 period, and have started planning one for 1941-42

One battalion all Airfix, one all Matchbox, and one mixed

I probably could have finished these over the recent holiday break but got sidetracked with other we do!


  1. German field grey must be the trickiest colour to get right. I'm never satisfied with what I manage. Humbrol 111 used to be good - but it's not made anymore!! Curses!

  2. Great figures! The shade of field grey you chose works really fine, I too use the Vallejo paint but I wash it with black instead of doing highlights - but it's just me preferring darker tones on my figures.

  3. That pistol-wielding officer is a fond memory of my pre-teen cheapo toy soldier days. He was in charge then, and he's still in charge now.

  4. there is alot of differant shades of field grey..just like olive drab.Airfix Germans!!

  5. The first sets of figures I ever owned! Great work Al I still have a soft spot for them.

  6. Some classic figures in that lot. Great childhood memories.

  7. Great stuff lads, the airfix and matchbox figures are all time favourites