Saturday, May 30, 2015

4D Models T55

This was ugly from start to finish, which it isn't. Still some paintwork to do but anyway...

Side skirts added as per suggestions; though it still has more road wheels than it knows what to do with - simply no way around that :( Fuel cans lifted to the rear deck, best I could

Petstock supplied the skirts and the kids get some of their food and toys from them so win, win

Here are the kids


Gun mantle cover added using gap filler

Still some track painting to be done, etc

A couple of the decals broke up after application and I'll have to paint in the gaps on these. Command figure is by PSC

Next to an Airfix Centurion for size comparison 

Better than what it was but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear hole. At present this range is of limited use but I'll see what else I might 'bodge' in the future.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One for Harry

A quick post for fellow Blogger Harry, check out his work here if you haven't already seen it

I base my figures on either old credit cards or tongue depressors, using standard gap filler. The rule set I use has x2 figures on a base representing about 30 men, a single figure on a base about 10 men 

Then a drop of super glue is added. 

Finished. You get hundreds of stands based from a tube of gap filler, which is workable and washes out in water. As me old mate Foster would say... "model on Harry".

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Some new figures

Just a couple of additions. Will modify the engineers into assault style poses; well, that's the idea. The sailors will be added to my small naval infantry unit, and I got the Germans because I didn't have this set, and Imex make quite good figure sets.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Slow Progress

Not a lot of mojo for anything recently. I have made a little progress on the Buffalo and have got it to more or less the stage you see at here. I do have some ideas for some German and Soviet figures that I started a while ago, and will try to show you these soon. Crack on!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Shermans

Been away taking care of a friend's training establishment for a while, which has me now mulling an offer and change of scenery. Anyway, I forgot to show you all these beauties before I left...

This care package from Paul brings my Sherman collection up to two full compaines

As you can see they are detailed and painted to Paul's high standards and include some little extras like turret stowage

I think these are Armourfast and will fit really well with my others; particularly the pair sent to me by Tim Gow a couple of years ago

The last one shows a bone yard wreck he included for me, and I actually have the few bits and pieces needed to bring this one up to service standard, and I might try and make this one the command platoon.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Game: Panzers' on the A2

Another Sealion scenario, this one assumes that German forces have already landed, secured a beach-head (captured the port of Dover), and having started moving towards Canterbury. This game was set-up to give Mark his first real taste of AFVs in CD3, he played the Germans, me the British. Owing to the smallness of my game table the scenario is actually only 1/4 size of the original, and the OOBs were significantly reduced in size also :(

German forces on the A2 (top right). The British had very weak armour of their own and hoped to hit the Germans in the flank as the column advanced

British command group covering the road into Lydden

More Home Guard elements around the village of Lydden, they wanted to stay out of sight until the right moment

Mark wisely used his recon unit to screen the village positions, though its loss didn't reveal the strength of the British, only their presence. Kf13 here is by Ace Models

Two companies of light tanks, each with motorised infantry support turn south towards Lydden

The British AFVs consisted of a company of Rolls Royce armoured cars, this trio are resin ones by Frontline

Early efforts by the British resulted in the loss of an A/C platoon but the Home Guard stood up well and inflicted quite a bit of damage on the German infantry that had advanced on the village positions 

Still, after about four turns the whole village position was starting to wobble a bit as greater German firepower and better troop ratings started to tell

Enter reinforcement elements from Canterbury

Which attack the front of the German column as they attempt to link up with the Home Guard, now seriously stretched around Lydden

The C9 hits with its first attack, taking a PzI in the rear. The Morris is a metal kit by SHQ

And the Home Guard take out a second with their Boys Antitank rifle platoon

Turn 6 here. More British reinforcements arrive from the Canterbury region

The Home Guard start to lose men which has an immediate effect on their morale

Likewise on the other side of the British positions. German figures here are mostly Pegasus, British Zvezda

Parts of the British reinforcement efforts were short lived

Morale failures for both infantry and AFVs units had the British under serious pressure

And if not for a determined stand here on the left the game would have ended about three or fours turns early

Another British A/C platoon is destroyed just as the recon element of the relief force arrives in Lydden

German infantry disengages to regroup and await reinforcement

The German command element astride the A2. PzI is Esci, Pz35t is Attack, PzIb by Frontline

A great introductory game. Mark has a solid understanding of AFVs now, and in our next game we have decided to include air-power as well. The Home Guard fought a really good game but were often forced to stay in cover owing to their uncertain morale. This hampered their ability to press home advantages at times because the Germans could always manoeuvre back into better field position. Oh! And the boys were massively outgunned!