Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1941-43 Russian Parachute Regiment

Based and organised for CD3 (on scant research), Not sure if the Regt HQ is supposed to have a NKVD unit attached to it or not, so if anyone knows, please comment. All units are SMG armed only, unless otherwise stated, which means on the tabletop most units have a range of only 5'' or 250 mts but a rate of fire of x2

Regimental HQ

Command section. WW1 Hat figure, Esci head

Recon SMG section, one of the later Italeri offerings

82mm mortar, Zvezda 

Regt Weapons platoon, this was a conversion done by David Russell and given to me ages ago. Italeri figures

Ammo Porter platoon, HaT and Zvezda

Regt Gun crew, either a howitzer or anti tank gun depending on the year

Same, different angle, figures are US Esci and Emhar WW1 both with head swaps and extra kit added

Regt MMG company, AAHMG (a conversion) x2 standard Esci mediums

1st Battalion

Command, Zvezda

NKVD, Zvezda and Esci 

Recon SMG, Zvezda with Esci arms

Anti tank rifle platoon, Zvezda

50mm mortar platoon, Zvezda figures, Airfix WW1 British mortar

Weapons platoon, Zvezda figures

Engineer platoon, Zvezda

A Company, Zvezda parachute and recon figures. Unlike most other Russian units of this era, each company has its own command platoon

B company, same. The Zvezda figures are quite superb

C company

2nd Battalion


                                                                  Battalion HQ, Esci

NKVD, Zvezda figures, the officer has a WW1 Russian head (HaT)

Recon SMG section, Zvezda

50mm mortar, Zvezda and Esci figures, WW1 Airfix mortar

Anti tank rifle platoon, Zvezda and Airfix figures

Weapons platoon, Zvezda and Esci

Engineers, Zvezda

A company

B company

C company

The Regiment. As usual photos reveal the odd touch up needed here or there but they are otherwise finished. The figures are a reasonable mix. It's a pity the Zvezda paratroop, recon and engineer sets were not big box versions.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Para Ammo Porters

Some ammunition porters for my para battalions

Again, the nice Waterloo 1815 figures

Still need support units for the second battalion but now I'm side-tracked on another project :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

British Para 2nd Battalion

Finally got around to adding another battalion to my parachute regiment. Earlier efforts can be seen here:

Most of the figures were given to me by Paul some time ago. There are Esci, Revell, Airfix and Waterloo 1815 figures in the companies

A Company

The grenadier is a modified version of the Airfix original

B Company

Another modified Airfix figure

C Company

Recon SMG Patrol stand (Caesar figure)

HQ sections. Mostly finished, just helmet chin-straps and the funny coloured berets left to paint.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


A few recent arrivals, and one of my house mates :)

Scored the Shermans and the Komet on a two for the price of the highest kit deal at our local ToyWorld, the Esci PzI (x2) are from Paul, and the Zvezda stuff is for a CD3 project I've had in mind for ages

Two of my best and most cleverest friends, Steiner and Nyah.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Repainted Panzers

Just a few pictures of the tanks I have repainted panzer grey

Turns out these are all Esci models

Really like this. Painted a few figures over the weekend too, show you those later.