Thursday, July 17, 2014


A few recent arrivals, and one of my house mates :)

Scored the Shermans and the Komet on a two for the price of the highest kit deal at our local ToyWorld, the Esci PzI (x2) are from Paul, and the Zvezda stuff is for a CD3 project I've had in mind for ages

Two of my best and most cleverest friends, Steiner and Nyah.


  1. You scored some nice stuff Al. Looking forward to seeing that plane painted up.

    Steiner and Nash are handsome looking dogs. I can't see myself living without a dog. My Lab is getting on in years now and his hips are starting to hurt him and he's slowed down a bit. But he's still happy and still follows me everywhere I go.

  2. That's a nice little haul. Having two dogs is fantastic. Don't think we could have just one again. Steiner and Nyah are stunning.

  3. Thanks guys. Sadly, Steiner is living on borrowed time already, is mind is as sharp as ever but his body is breaking down. An unfortunate reality of the giant breeds. Appreciate the thoughts :)

  4. Those mutts are heavy when they sleep on you. Nice haul mate.