Thursday, March 31, 2011


Another early one this. Though pretty much obsolete by the start of the war many of these were still in service up until about 1942, when they began to be replaced by T60 & T70 tanks
This one is by Unimodel. I like the range of their kits but on a few that I've done it is sometimes difficult to tell where the part stops and the sprue starts, which for me inevitably leads to construction problems; this one was no exception

Velleyo Russian Green as a base, about three lots of highlightings, followed by a couple of washes of Citadel's Thrukka Green. It's okay, but I would try a different brand of kit if I was going to do another one. A good addition but not a great one.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finished, Morris CS9

The completed recent addition

The radio aerial will probably not last long once this hits the tabletop but we'll see

The spade has been finished since I took the pictures

Used in limited numbers during the Battle of France. This the only recon vehicle I have for my early war British collection so far

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work in progress

A few pictures of what I've been working on lately

A simple metal kit of about a dozen parts in total

Have really enjoyed making this one so I've been taking my time

The crew are a couple of Matchbox figures. Still a wee way to go, final results in a couple of days.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Davey Collection 2

Another of Gerard's excellent scratch builds today, a BA6 early war Russian armoured car

Built from plastic card and dowel it matches 1/72 scale perfectly. I think most of Gerard's models are for the middle to late war period, although several Russian units had these well into 1945, and I have seen one in the museum Seoul in North Korean colours, so I guess they were used much later by some.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

French Motorcycle

Not quite finished but thought I'd show the progress anyway. This is another excellent model from Early War Miniatures. Four parts, bike, rider, handlebars and a rifle. All well sculpted and easy to assemble.

This will become part of my French recon company, which only needs a motorcycle with sidecar combination to be complete. Have also started my first car for this month's theme too; try to show you that in a few days.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

French AA

French 25mm AA by Early War Miniatures, fits well with 1/72 plastics

Nice simple instructions with a couple of options to choose from

Really nicely sculpted with excellent detail, and most importantly very reasonably priced

I've got another couple of items from this range to show later but this is all for now. I would highly recommend these products to any collector of early war stuff. The gentleman in charge is a Mr Paul Thompson who is very good to deal with and only too happy to answer any questions you might have; I was much impressed by his level of service and attention to detail, contact him here for a catalogue'

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Battle of Stonne

This is the third time I've played this battle, it is a most challenging CD3 scenario. 15 May 1940, Grossdeutchland Regiment supported by armour from 10 Panzer Division takes on 3e DIM and armour from 3eDLC for control of the hilltop village of Stonne. I played the French and Gerard the Germans.

French RHQ, dug in. Figures are Esci, Airfix & Waterloo 1815 conversions

French defenses in the northwest corner of the village

Weapons platoon and AT gun at the bottom of the hill, the hedges represent a sunken lane that could not be fired into without difficulty, so providing excellent cover for the Germans

This is about turn 3, Gerard times his infantry assault perfectly with the arrival of his armour, and the French were struggling from here on in

the Panzers would block the lane if destroyed in it and despite my best efforts Gerard got away with this bold early move, the Stug is by Dragon and the PIV a conversion of sorts

German reinforcement armour enters turn 6, Stonne is now being attacked from two sides

French armour arriving on the same turn, but they had a lot more ground to cover. S35 (wish you could still get these) is by Heller, Char B is Matchbox

Turn 8. This company was caught in an artillery barrage on their way to support Stonne, luckily their morale held and they advanced in behind the tanks

Same turn, French armour engages the Germans at a far more favourable range owing to their superior guns, they actually enjoyed some success here destroying two platoons

Assault pioneers begin their drive into the rear of the village, and with most French reinforcements still a couple of turns away things fell decisively in favour of the Germans, despite their growing casualties

More French reinforcements fail to reach the battlefield intact as the Luftwaffe picked the right time to show up

LMG platoon on the eastern side of the village, Pegasus figures

With all of the French reinforcements tied up in their own battles outside of the village, the Germans began to overwhelm the defenses quite rapidly

The last say went to this French engineer platoon but I think they were one of only two undamaged platoons, in good morale, still fighting. All in all it was a fairly even game until about turn 7 when the Germans had all of the kit in the right place at the right time for the final assault. Thanks to Gerard for the game and Bob for the scenario