Monday, April 21, 2014

A bit of Col's Collection

I took some pictures for you all on a recent visit to Col's. They didn't turn out so great so Col sent through a few for me. 

Pretty cool eh? Lots more where that came from a very extensive 54mm toy soldier collection. Post a comment or two on his Blog and ask him to show you some more if you're interested

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Pulp Minatures

A few more of Bob Murch's 28mm Pulp Miniatures that I painted up for my friend Col, this time the heroic US Rocket Corps 

Again, still a little tidying up to do but ready for the tabletop nonetheless.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Small Cold War Game

Played this small scenario designed by my neighbour last weekend. CD3 really doesn't lend itself too well to small skirmish type games, being based at the battalion level, however, Phil came up with some interesting 'house rules' to aid in its play-ability, despite the small numbers involved. Anyway, this little action was set somewhere along the East/West German boarder in the mid 1950s

The Soviets have deployed a reinforced infantry battalion to protect some East German troops who are to recover some rocket engine technology hidden by Nazi scientists during the closing stages of WW2

Protected by a weapons platoon, the East Germans begin to dig up the loot 

Soviet left flank

Right flank

And, center 

Unbeknownst to the communists British troops have been listening to their plans

Turn Two, the British commander (me) orders his mechanised company straight into the attack

Soviets forces score early success with a hits on the first and second carriers with RPG2 and small arms fire, forcing their infantry to dismount

A couple of turns later the British form up for their first assault on the Russian platoons holding the village 

With immediate results

Still, despite their carriers, the British were outnumbered here and had to content themselves with keeping the opposition pinned down until reinforcements could arrive

And arrive they did. Here is the rest of the battalion moving into position

Turn Five. The arrival of an armoured car and additional infantry starts to push things clearly in favour of the British

The Soviet HQ attempts to rally this company. The radio truck is by ICM, the Russian figures are Esci conversions

The second assault on the village positions forces another shift in the Soviet defenses, and Phil was forced to withdraw his left flank to protect the East Germans who were still frantically digging for the loot

Turn Six. Soviet infantry close-assault the British AFV platoon closest to them, but they are well supported by their infantry and despite some furious dice rolling Phil's units could not force the Saracen from the fight

In fact it was they who were forced to withdraw after sustaining 2/3 casualties in the attempt. The buildings are by Airfix

Turn Seven, the British put in an assault across the line and the Russians do not have the number to cover everywhere

British enter the village in reasonable numbers. British figures here are a mixture of ACTA and converted Matchbox

Phil rolled some good numbers here late in the game, but still couldn't stop the AFVs' from pushing further towards the area where the rocket technology was being recovered

Turn Eight. The Soviet forces basically disintegrate  

The British capture the loot

Another good game. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

28mm Pulp Miniatures

Been painting these up for the last couple of weeks for my friend Col I haven't had a lot of experience with either this scale or gaming genre, so it's been a bit of an experimental process. All of the figures still need just a little touching up on their faces.

Anyway, introducing.... Weird Science

I have finished all forty figures and just need to do eyes on them (where I can) and tidy up things like straps and belts, etc. I didn't refer to material on the net for ideas and pretty much just went with what I thought looked good, but also tried to give the group a bit uniformity with its colours so they look like a bit of a combined outfit on the tabletop

Actually enjoyed painting up something a bit different.