Saturday, April 5, 2014

28mm Pulp Miniatures

Been painting these up for the last couple of weeks for my friend Col I haven't had a lot of experience with either this scale or gaming genre, so it's been a bit of an experimental process. All of the figures still need just a little touching up on their faces.

Anyway, introducing.... Weird Science

I have finished all forty figures and just need to do eyes on them (where I can) and tidy up things like straps and belts, etc. I didn't refer to material on the net for ideas and pretty much just went with what I thought looked good, but also tried to give the group a bit uniformity with its colours so they look like a bit of a combined outfit on the tabletop

Actually enjoyed painting up something a bit different.


  1. These sculpts have loads of character. The maid with the mutant Venus Fly Trap is cool. Nice brushwork on these guys!

  2. Colour me impressed Al! They look great. Thanks again.

  3. straight from the old sci-fi movies!
    well done!

  4. Nicely done Al. Subtle work mate.

  5. Thanks gang, a lot of fun to paint :)

  6. A terrific looking bunch of miniatures.

  7. Hi great Work! Can you tell me who made the Miniatures? Thanks so much.

    1. All the pulp figures I painted are by Bob Murch :)