Sunday, October 19, 2014

0400 - Progress

Getting down to the finer details of the 0400, only to discover that there are several flaws to this very old kit, not the least being a few parts missing!

Engine struts. I had to make these replacements with some tubing given to me by Gerard Davey  quite some time ago, not the best match but all I had available

These two are for Col Mate, I've been trying to email you but the address keeps bouncing back. Is there any chance you can make me a copy of the rigging strut in the pictures out of resin, as I am unable to copy this, though not through lack of trying

Much bogging and sanding still to be done. The right hand wing is particularly warped and only massive amounts of green-stuff can help. This model is never going to win any prizes but as a wargames addition I'm still looking forward to completing it.....eventually!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rolls Royce Armoured Car

This is the opened-top version and another little beauty from Frontline...

With crew, x1 Airfix, x1 Emhar

Tidy little resin model, x7 parts total

Base colours

Decals from what I could find in the spares bag

A number of these saw service in the Western Desert and the Far East, not sure if they were used by the BEF in France? I got it to bolster my Home Guard era stuff for my Sealion project

Armed with a Boys anti tank rifle and a Vickers MMG, though Bren and Lewis gun combinations were also common

Largely obsolete by WW2 but still useful. Definitely going to get another one of these.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Airfix Resin Building

A few pictures of the building I've been working on, now finished

The brass window frames are a nice little extra detail

Maybe a little more dark dry-brushing and dark ink washes to add yet

Have decided to collect a few more of these

I've still got my old LINKA moulds very cool! However, until I find a resin that I can use with them they'll stay on the shelf; I'm thinking mass production rather than 30ml at a time Col :):)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Coastal Defense Guns

I've had these for ages and they have featured in the odd game or two as well

Recently I trimmed them back a bit and mounted them on card bases

I think the bigger two are Rocco, the center one a 5.5" by Airfix

Will fit with any nation's requirements

Useful additions.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


More scenery work using floor tiles

Owing to my pathetically small tabletop I didn't need too many sections to give me a reasonable amount of river

The large tile at the top of the picture will be used to represent a harbour area, lake or open sea, the two wider tiles running off that are for wide river sections, estuary, etc

Painted and flocked and now to see how much room it all takes up on the tabletop

With additional scenery

I'm working on building a new tabletop design more of the same size as my old one and hope to have it completed for the summer holidays; we'll see :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

WIP - Buildings

Got back into a bit of scenery over the weekend

Good size this one, but will probably add a floor to the second level

Another Airfix resin one on the go too. I bought this from a rather sad little hobby store when I was in the city last week, I sort of felt sorry for them and nabbed this for $23 on my way out; usually I won't pay any more than $20 for one of these, x2 for $20 would be more like it :)

I actually quite like these models but you don't see them on sale often enough.