Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Japanese Project

Another regiment towards my goal of a division

Most manufacturers represented

I had enough Hong Kong 'knock offs' to include companies in travel march and human wave assault formations

I have about five battalions in my collection and the extras I'm working on will cover most OOBs 1939-45.


  1. 'Human waves' . . . sounds like it's gonna' get bloody! I have a soft-spot for the Japanese, only a few sets but all good and the HK knock-offs give you the 54mm in '72nd . . . bargain! Did you see the new set the other day, can't remember who's they were . . . Mars or Caesar? They were on PSR and look like they'd fit-in with the Matchbox figures like a glove!


  2. Long time no hear H... nice one mate. I thought the Mars Japanese quite good and will probably grab a set. The HK stuff is actually quite good eh? Human wave a must!

  3. Nice.
    So how many figures in a regiment?
    Chinese knock offs of what brands?
    I have 6 packs of the old Airfix Japs, in the late 70’s we played massed charges using them against Aussies and Brits...those Vickers on tripods were deadly!