Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Post Office

This was originally part of a very large railway building, that I have since broken down into three smaller ones.

I'm trying to build up my collection of buildings with smaller footprints

Could easily represent other building as well, which is why I made the mailboxes free standing.

Monday, September 29, 2014

A present from Col

A visit to my friend Col saw me come away with this most excellent Osprey edition on the New Zealand land wars; a subject I probably should have paid more attention to in school :)

These are superb books, accurately researched and brilliantly illustrated. Great reading!

Cheers Col!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beaverette Armoured Car

Had this on the go for a while now. A nice little resin model from Frontline; all of x3 parts

Made crew from donor figures, the Bren gun is from the Imex Korean War set

Added ammo pouches to the crew, not that you really see them

Was looking at doing some more early war stuff in the future and have been doing a lot of research around Operation Sealion, as this will provide a number of interesting 'what if?' scenarios using all my favourite kit

Added a rolled tarp,  Jerry-cans and a spade from the bits box, decals from S-Models, Cruiser kit

These were mostly used by Home Guard and RAF units during the early war years. Eventually nearly 3000 were produced and included a number of Mks with different combinations of kit and armaments, including radio sets, Boys anti tank rifles and Vickers medium machineguns.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Japanese Trucks

A nice little contribution from Dave

I've only made a couple myself, but Hasegawa make very nice kits

I think these are mediums, each truck can carry two stands

Dave's kits are always tidy in construction and paint work

Always nice to see something different.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Houses from Scrap

A couple of houses made from bits and pieces

None of the wall sections are the same, the roof is made from old credit cards 

This one is a bit tidier, if brighter

Standard two platoon size footprints.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The scenery projects continue...

Last of the floor tiles from Paul, plus a few sourced from the local hardware store

Undercoated with grey primer

Edges, the double size tiles are to represent motorway or dual carriage sections 

Here's where CD breaks down a bit, at an inch to fifty yards this road is almost one hundred meters wide! Depending on how picky you are with the rules in a built-up-area it is possible for units to be unable to fire at each other across the street owing to a two inch range rule in such terrain - we solved this by extending the distance to five inches, same in jungles. Still, it's all abstract anyway

The black tile on the crossroads can represent a BUA where space is limited, and many CD players use this, with perhaps just one or two houses standing in for the entire village, as shown in the picture below

This is more like the BUA we prefer, something that can accommodate multiple units in and around it, without the whole area becoming a crowded mess, and can actually be fought over. However, table size dictates pretty much everything. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


 Knocked these up last night after training. Bits of old railway model fencing mounted on a floor tile which Paul gave me a couple of years ago (yeah mate, I brought them here too :) ).

Looking at other Blogs lately convinced me I needed some small additions to make my tabletop a bit more interesting

Both parks will easily accommodate a couple of rifle platoons or guns, and their footprints are roughly equal to one small house 

This is a statue I made from a piece of wood and the step section carved out of a building base

The long-lost polar explorer figure is from the Orion Chechen set, and the plaque is an old figure base

A bit crowded on this one

Not too bad for an hour or so me thinks.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Eliminated Platoons

In CD3, platoons can sustain certain amounts of casualties before being eliminated, as this RN shore party will now demonstrate

Elite, first hit Green. Very few units in CD have this rating, and they are usually battalion size formations or smaller

For most other units first hit is Yellow

Second hit Red causes immediate forced retreat for all units, under most circumstances. Units rated as 'Green' and 'Trained' are Red on their first hit

Eliminated, many gamers just lie the stand on its side or place a coloured ring over the entire stand

Some German examples for both wars

This stand represents the elimination of a whole company in one turn; doesn't happen that often, but can

Platoon size, two figures is the norm

These stands are for platoons or companies that have surrendered (Imex Korean War figures).