Monday, September 8, 2014

Eliminated Platoons

In CD3, platoons can sustain certain amounts of casualties before being eliminated, as this RN shore party will now demonstrate

Elite, first hit Green. Very few units in CD have this rating, and they are usually battalion size formations or smaller

For most other units first hit is Yellow

Second hit Red causes immediate forced retreat for all units, under most circumstances. Units rated as 'Green' and 'Trained' are Red on their first hit

Eliminated, many gamers just lie the stand on its side or place a coloured ring over the entire stand

Some German examples for both wars

This stand represents the elimination of a whole company in one turn; doesn't happen that often, but can

Platoon size, two figures is the norm

These stands are for platoons or companies that have surrendered (Imex Korean War figures).


  1. cool Al , like the korean more so . good to see some work off your painting table ...

  2. very original figures (or markers)!
    good paint job as usual!

  3. Thanks lads, just the sort of thing I was messing around with in between projects