Saturday, September 20, 2014

Japanese Trucks

A nice little contribution from Dave

I've only made a couple myself, but Hasegawa make very nice kits

I think these are mediums, each truck can carry two stands

Dave's kits are always tidy in construction and paint work

Always nice to see something different.


  1. Hello
    A great series Isuzu trucks.

    I did the same, take away the useless parts, because needs a lot transport trucks my soldiers

    This is my first hasegawa box.
    Next was Toyota fuel truck.

  2. Such a nice gift and the trucks look great!

  3. Very good additions. My IJA for CD is very much lacking in transport.

  4. Nice trucks.Looks really good on the gamingtable.

  5. The ones that got away when I was a kid
    We were all picking up the Panthers instead
    More fools us!

    Well done Al

  6. I only have two Japanese trucks, two tanks and two pieces of artillery, but about twelve battalions of infantry :)