Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The scenery projects continue...

Last of the floor tiles from Paul, plus a few sourced from the local hardware store

Undercoated with grey primer

Edges, the double size tiles are to represent motorway or dual carriage sections 

Here's where CD breaks down a bit, at an inch to fifty yards this road is almost one hundred meters wide! Depending on how picky you are with the rules in a built-up-area it is possible for units to be unable to fire at each other across the street owing to a two inch range rule in such terrain - we solved this by extending the distance to five inches, same in jungles. Still, it's all abstract anyway

The black tile on the crossroads can represent a BUA where space is limited, and many CD players use this, with perhaps just one or two houses standing in for the entire village, as shown in the picture below

This is more like the BUA we prefer, something that can accommodate multiple units in and around it, without the whole area becoming a crowded mess, and can actually be fought over. However, table size dictates pretty much everything. 


  1. Good progress mate.

    Its all go over there!

  2. That's most excellent. I had no idea how you guys did roads.

  3. G'day Al. Sorry I have been out of touch for a while. Can you send me your snail mail address? I have something for you that you may find interesting.

  4. Thanks gang, they certainly are an improvement on my sandpaper ones