Friday, August 29, 2014

Commando Boat Crew

A little project I've had on the go for ages, thanks to Paul and Tim for the figures

Second edition Airfix kayak. The rear figure has had a slung weapon added but is otherwise standard. The gunner is from the Revell US infantry set

For CD3 purposes it just counts as a standard Commando platoon; it might see the odd raider type scenario 

A couple of the crew closing in on an enemy vessel while it is refueling - not usually attempted in broad daylight :)

Have since added decals to the launch.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

More wire

This is some of the old wire we used to put up with until Dave got clever, I have about ten stands of those but more is always better, so I repainted these old ones last night

Each of these equals about 250 meters of wire in CD terms

This is the wire you get with the Zvezda Russian Engineer set, not bad, these stands represent about 50 meters of wire each

Useful in all sorts of scenarios.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Airfix Rescue Launch - Refit

I bought this kit from a garage sale about ten years ago for $1. It was pretty much as you see it in the pictures below, until the other day when I started messing around with it. Here it is in its original form, but not the state I got it in!

 I got it to use as a small river boat for a scenario we played; set in 1919 when a large force of Bolsheviks attacked an Allied intervention force in Russia, and the gunboat was on the Red's OOB. The next two pictures show it as it was when I bought it

Start. Just the forward gun added at this stage, the previous owner had already added the small smoke stack at the rear

Initial colours

With crew and additional weaponry

Most of the crew figures are Airfix with head swaps from the Esci Spetsnaz figure set (all I had sailor head-gear wise)

Forward gun, probably a 3' or 4' variety - cut down Pak 40 barrel, gun shield is from an Attack version of an assault gun mounted on a Pz38t chassis, quite detailed

Rear gun is a 1lb or 2lb quick-fire - HaT gun with modified Pak 40 gun shield

Upper-mounted medium machinegun will provide modest antiaircraft capability - modified HaT Colt MMG with shield and belt-feed added 

May add some decals yet?

Still pretty rough in places but I had a lot of fun messing around with it. I tried to make it look as multinational as possible in terms of paint scheme, crew and weapons so that it wouldn't look too out of place in any conflict or era we wanted to use it in

This has featured in many, many games. Easily usable in conflicts from around the turn of the last century up until about the 1950s, though several minor nations maintained this sort of vessel in their navies for a lot longer.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

French Motorcycle

An addition to the recon section of my French collection

Bike and side car is from the Revell Pak40 set

Figures are Matchbox gunner with Pegasus arms and the rider I think is from a Hasegawa set + head swap and carbine added

Minor accessories added to the combination, saddle-bag, jerry-can

Here it is beside my only other French bike, which is by Early War Miniatures, and in the process of being repainted.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Airfix - Matchbox House

A ruined house made from various old bits and pieces from my scenery box

Most of the parts are either Airfix or Matchbox, though there are a couple of little wall sections from a Revell infantry set as well. The sign is from a railway model, I think?

I thought it might represent an old pub or boarding house

The open section at the rear will allow access for a AFV or anti tank gun

In CD3 terms one model like this equals three-six actual houses, so its footprint will allow two rifle companies occupation

A couple beside an Airfix ruin for scale.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stretcher Bearers

A little project I've been messing around with over the last few nights. In CD3 terms they have no battlefield value whatsoever, and I made them just to add some little scenic additions really, just the usual touching up left to do

French (Esci)

German (Esci & Airfix with Matchbox heads)

British, still a bit to do on these (Airfix) 

Could easily be used in other conflicts too. I might try to make a Russian one if I find any more of these figures