Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Airfix - Matchbox House

A ruined house made from various old bits and pieces from my scenery box

Most of the parts are either Airfix or Matchbox, though there are a couple of little wall sections from a Revell infantry set as well. The sign is from a railway model, I think?

I thought it might represent an old pub or boarding house

The open section at the rear will allow access for a AFV or anti tank gun

In CD3 terms one model like this equals three-six actual houses, so its footprint will allow two rifle companies occupation

A couple beside an Airfix ruin for scale.


  1. That is superb. Great use of bits to create an interesting building.

  2. Very good. You've got a cracking style going there. Nice to see some of the old favourite bits in use.

  3. Good piece of kit there, Al, even if it made me sad to think of a ruined pub. :)

  4. lol Michael. Bet we've all got a few of these bits and pieces lying around eh gang? Great comments.