Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tiger Revamp

Here is my Tiger collection, a mixture of 1/72 & 1/76, different manufacturers, different paint schemes

The kits that are 1/72 I'd like to have all in this type of paint scheme, which will have a later war appearance

So, having started, here are a couple of pictures of the finished 1/76 company, done in an earlier war scheme

These were all bone-yard tanks that have enjoyed some minor sprucing up and a new coat of paint and decals

I think these might be Matchbox or Airfix? I've been told one of them never made the Tiger but can't remember which

The full company

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flames of War

Took a short trip south over the holidays to play a FoW game with Gerard Davey and Andrew Dempster, here are a few pictures from this encounter. All of the kit on display is Andrew's.

Part of a ruined city which became a major contest for both sides later in the game

My understrength Tiger company on its start line

Ably supported by these assault guns

Some of the opposition's kit moving up; mostly Cromwells

Panzergrenadiers taking cover. They got pretty good field position early on but could not move forward until their armoured support arrived

The photos don't really show the superb level of painting on these figures, Andrew's stuff is simply awesome to look at

The Cromwells after a brush with the Tigers

Roughly left of centre, Shermans taking casualties from a mixed company of PzIII & IVs just out of shot

This unit played a crucial role linking my flank with centre

Flanking attempt by one of Gerard's companies

This is the unit that did most of the damage for me

Can't remember what these are but they were on the receiving end of my tank destroyers from start to finish

The destruction of the Shermans

My reinforcements bringing up the centre after the company just behind them started to look a bit shaky

My Tiger unit took hits but stayed in the fight throughout, here is the surviving tank moving in to support the Panzergrenadiers

The infantry took a few casualties but in the end secured the positions they were after in the Allies area of the city

A fast and furious game that the Germans ended up winning by a score of 8-1. Great fun, good company.

Friday, October 21, 2011


This is the only one of these in my collection and was sent to me via Paul from Tim

No idea who makes this but it is a most welcome addition

Missing just one or two minor pieces, I have fixed it up and touched it up, here are the results...

A very simple paint scheme copied from a picture off the web

Decals from the spares bag

A couple of new road wheels from the bits box

Crew figure from the new Plastic Soldier PIV, heavily cut down to meet requirements

Painted with my usual mixture of Tamiya and Vallejo paints. Thank you Tim.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lorraine APCs

More from the talents of Gerard Davey. I now have four of these, which is enough to transport a couple of companies of French mechanised infantry

All I need now is a few French trucks and I'll have quite a few options for this part of my collection; the man's a genius.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Parachute Infantry Platoons

More or less finished the line platoons for the first of three battalions, just the support weapons to work on now

Esci and Revell figures with a few head swaps and the odd little detail added

Painted with a mixture of Tamiya and Vallejo paints and Citadel washes

A Company

Some figures could have done with a bit more tidying up before being painted

B Company

One of the better alterations this one. The head with the beret comes from an old Hong Kong copied figure

Can't seem to get used to this funny hat colour but each to their own:)

C Company

The engineer platoon, altered HaT and Esci figures.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Truth about Seoul

Captured ROK Army photographs reveal the true extent of the North's glorious reunification of the capital

The NKPA control about 3/4 of this part of the city

Victorious militia units supported by armour (note the complete absence of the decadent western allies)

Militia RHQ resolutely defending their command positions, some minor sideways tactical movement was necessary to give the ROK the illusion of progress and thus lure them into an easy false sense of security

More left flank militia units enjoying some rest time from the fighting

Members of the militia Penal Battalion putting the boot into US airborne troops; many of whom had to be dragged out of cellars, sewers and other generally low-lying areas

Elite NKPA airlanding units hurry to catch up with the action

Further evidence of northern domination of the battlefield; not an imperialist western aggressor to be seen

These will be added to the NKPA Tank Museum after the capital's liberation

We've played about 16 turns of this game and have agreed to open up the other half of the table to our reinforcement units, stay tuned...