Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Truth about Seoul

Captured ROK Army photographs reveal the true extent of the North's glorious reunification of the capital

The NKPA control about 3/4 of this part of the city

Victorious militia units supported by armour (note the complete absence of the decadent western allies)

Militia RHQ resolutely defending their command positions, some minor sideways tactical movement was necessary to give the ROK the illusion of progress and thus lure them into an easy false sense of security

More left flank militia units enjoying some rest time from the fighting

Members of the militia Penal Battalion putting the boot into US airborne troops; many of whom had to be dragged out of cellars, sewers and other generally low-lying areas

Elite NKPA airlanding units hurry to catch up with the action

Further evidence of northern domination of the battlefield; not an imperialist western aggressor to be seen

These will be added to the NKPA Tank Museum after the capital's liberation

We've played about 16 turns of this game and have agreed to open up the other half of the table to our reinforcement units, stay tuned...


  1. That NKPA Tank Museum sounds worth a visit! Great stuff Al - any game which produces so much propaganda has a lot going for it.

  2. Glorious Communist propaganda! Oh, sorry, Great Leader, I mean up to the minute factual reporting...please lower your gun...sir? Please? Oh, cra...


  3. I don't know that this truth is true...

  4. Lol, cheers lads, what does propaganda mean?

  5. In your case Al, it means 'the truth, unsullied by the capitalist imperialist lies of Paul and his running dogs'.

  6. Utter rubbish as per the normal red standard. Nice post mate.