Friday, October 21, 2011


This is the only one of these in my collection and was sent to me via Paul from Tim

No idea who makes this but it is a most welcome addition

Missing just one or two minor pieces, I have fixed it up and touched it up, here are the results...

A very simple paint scheme copied from a picture off the web

Decals from the spares bag

A couple of new road wheels from the bits box

Crew figure from the new Plastic Soldier PIV, heavily cut down to meet requirements

Painted with my usual mixture of Tamiya and Vallejo paints. Thank you Tim.


  1. Nice addition Al!
    I always liked tanks with heads comming out of the hatch - they look more ''real''!
    I like it mate!

  2. Looks great. A nasty German tank.

  3. Glad to see its gone to a good home Al. I think it might be a Fujimi kit. Or Esci? Did you wind back the clock before you resprayed it?

  4. Good stuff Al. You need some big cats to cope with those two big dogs lurking out of shot.

  5. Thanks lads, lol Tim, yeah had Donna Summer playing in the background the whole time:)
    Cheers Paul, yep those two are frequently found to be lurking somewhere, usually with intent!