Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flames of War

Took a short trip south over the holidays to play a FoW game with Gerard Davey and Andrew Dempster, here are a few pictures from this encounter. All of the kit on display is Andrew's.

Part of a ruined city which became a major contest for both sides later in the game

My understrength Tiger company on its start line

Ably supported by these assault guns

Some of the opposition's kit moving up; mostly Cromwells

Panzergrenadiers taking cover. They got pretty good field position early on but could not move forward until their armoured support arrived

The photos don't really show the superb level of painting on these figures, Andrew's stuff is simply awesome to look at

The Cromwells after a brush with the Tigers

Roughly left of centre, Shermans taking casualties from a mixed company of PzIII & IVs just out of shot

This unit played a crucial role linking my flank with centre

Flanking attempt by one of Gerard's companies

This is the unit that did most of the damage for me

Can't remember what these are but they were on the receiving end of my tank destroyers from start to finish

The destruction of the Shermans

My reinforcements bringing up the centre after the company just behind them started to look a bit shaky

My Tiger unit took hits but stayed in the fight throughout, here is the surviving tank moving in to support the Panzergrenadiers

The infantry took a few casualties but in the end secured the positions they were after in the Allies area of the city

A fast and furious game that the Germans ended up winning by a score of 8-1. Great fun, good company.


  1. Nice game and good looking stuff. Seems like a pleasant evening!

  2. Good post Al. I hope you are not going flames of war on me!

  3. Thanks boys, yeah something different. Nice scenery, sumptuously painted miniatures. Paul, lol mate, nah CD forever!

  4. Great photos and report. Andrew's table and models look wonderful.