Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seoul 85 continued

A few pictures from the campaign, this game is up to about turn 11 or 12 and has quite a few more in it before a result can be decided

The crucial ROK/US centre, casualties were getting high by this stage

Paul's right flank gets hit from in front and behind, figures are Esci conversions and Imex

Allied far left. Battalion HQ

Another NK attack on the US positions is repulsed

ROK conscripts mount a determined assault on the NK Regimental HQ. The North lost a couple of platoons and were forced out of their positions

However, so were the conscripts. The survivors morale was shattered so it will be at least another three turns before they can rejoin the fray

Northern troops link up with the armour, and the US/ROK right flank is history

Paul's main position in the middle of the table is almost surrounded

With the railway yards secure the North bring in their reinforcements, a veteran air-landing battalion supported by gunships

The last of the organized US/ROK troops preparing for the next few turns. More in a week or so...


  1. wonderful models and splendid report!

  2. US/ROK Going down in grim fashion

    Fabulous range of kit

  3. Pure Red dribble...The real SITREP is on my site tonight.

  4. A magnificent struggle. What a lot of toys to play with!


  5. Cheers boys, lots of game left in this one

  6. Well done the NKPA. I never believed a word of Paul's propaganda. Is the Hind still airworthy?

  7. Yeh, this one scenario has been keeping you two chaps occupied for months now!

  8. Lol Tim:) Yeah, you'd have thought he'd worked for the ministry of misinformation instead of the Gulag overseer that he is!

  9. That's really just an awesome looking table. Great looking models and terrain pieces and plenty of them.

  10. Nice. What rules are you using for this one?

  11. Great comments, cheers. The rules we use are Command Decision Modern, basically just CD3 but with the necessary upgrades for modern kit