Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pre-loved Vehicles

This is the other half of the auction Paul showed you all the other day Some most excellent additions to my collection to be sure

Had hoped these would fit in with my early war stuff but think they have 50L60 guns which would make them mid to late? The Esci one on the right has an unusual gun 

Also of early war consideration but not sure when this entered service in the AA role?

Looks to mix well with the Armourfast one of these I have already

I've already started repainting the trucks, Matilda IIs and carriers, more on those later.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


 A present from my friend David

Nice kit. Well engineered.

The paint scheme is invented, the markings generic

This may see the odd WW2 game, though Chinese Nationalists also used them so it may feature in Sino-Japanese stuff at some stage too

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recent Alterations

A few pictures of the new additions to my collection of Royal Marine and Army Commandos. The figures are a mixture of Airfix and Matchbox, most of which have been given to me by other collectors

Raider Command stand

Army Commandos

Weapons group


This is an AT stand, the bazooka appears from early 43 until the introduction of the PIAT

One of my favourites

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Operation Archery

A game based on the actual events of 27 December 1941, Norway. Gerard played the German garrison, I the raiders. All units started the game on cards until they were spotted

Turn1, the raiders land in darkness, unmolested and begin towards their objectives. Here are AALMG platoons covering the force HQ area, which included a RN shore party and naval gunfire FO

Turn3, The Luftwaffe arrived as soon as it was light and attacked anything caught in the open. The Commandos here were already fighting a platoon of Alpine infantry who were on leave in the village at the time

RN shore party and the force anti-tank platoon just in from the harbour area

Allied air attacks concentrated on the AA defences in the first half of the game

The next two pictures show civilians that were hit by small arms fire from the raiders, which counted against them in the victory point tally at the end of the game

Turn5, Gerard rolls a 10 for air support and the Commando troop tasked with blowing up the fish oil factory  suffers quite a few casualties

The RAF replied whenever there were targets in the open

Fighting around the fish oil factory

The other side of the village, these raiders have finished fighting the Alpine troops and are engaging the organized German reinforcements that were starting to arrive

More fish oil storage tanks are set for demo

Last turn, 7. German reinforcements manage to get enough troops into the area to dispute occupation of the fish oil factory despite massive RAF air attacks. A short and unusual game, not really suited for CD3 rules but quite fun nonetheless. The Commandos ended up winning by a margin of 24 points to 12.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


One from the bone yard this. This is another model I didn't have until now

Sent to me by Tim, it has had a couple of new wheels added, thanks to Paul and his bottomless pit of spares, and some new paintwork

I need to get at least one more of these to complete a small unit, though two would be better:) Manufacturer unknown but a tidy enough kit

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dave's Canadians

Bit of a progress report from David Russell

He has finally made a start of his Great War, Canadian Brigade

HaT figures that will double for most Allied forces of this era

Each figures will receive Dave's usual attention to detail

Here's one he prepared earlier

A 'three-foot-rule' picture

More progress as it arrives, Dave is a painting machine once he gets going... :)

Monday, April 16, 2012


Had this stashed away for a while

Pilot added from the stash of them Jao sent me last year

Tidy kitset, well engineered, no flash

Vallejo paints and Citadel washes and inks

Painted in an early war scheme

Just some minor touching up still to do