Saturday, April 14, 2012


A couple of recent additions, the absolutely classic Matchbox 251/1

Tidy wheel assembly, in fact excellent engineering all round for a kit that dates to 1976

Tamiya Desert yellow as a base colour

Citadel, Devlin Mud wash 

Bit of drybrushing

Basic camouflage and decals 

x1 with crew

and x1 without

My entire collection of German carriers, most brands represented. A big thanks to Paul & Tim for these latest additions; before I joined Blog I never had a single unmade kit in my shed, now there is at least x6 other kits waiting to be either made up or resurrected from the bone yard :)


  1. Nice work on these classics. You can really get the best part of your Armoured Battalion on the move now.

    Great to see no broken tracks in the build.

    The colour scheme looks the same as my Panther Battalion.

  2. The MB '251 is a good old kit. In fact most of the Matchbox AFV kits still stack up well.

  3. NZ must be 1/72 or 1/76 Armoured Infantry heaven!

  4. Hard to find cheap in USA. Nice job on them.