Thursday, April 19, 2012


One from the bone yard this. This is another model I didn't have until now

Sent to me by Tim, it has had a couple of new wheels added, thanks to Paul and his bottomless pit of spares, and some new paintwork

I need to get at least one more of these to complete a small unit, though two would be better:) Manufacturer unknown but a tidy enough kit


  1. Nice work Al, a little limited for action I would think, but a handy addition.

    These are cheap as chips mate and if I find one I will send you a link.

    Fujimi I believe...

  2. nice finish , is that 1/72 or 1/76 ?

    1. I think 1/76 but it's still a big beasty

  3. Another good recovery Al. I'll look out for more...

  4. Al, I 'm pretty sure I have a nearly built Elephant tank that's been lying somewhere among my stash in the same state for years, I can send it over to you if you're interested as it's in need of a loving home. Send me a pm and and post it to you (miniaturezone AT yahoo DOT com).

  5. Everyone needs a few of these in their collection. Some day mine will see the tabletop.
    The paint job is great.

  6. Thanks very much boys

    John, PM sent!

  7. If you do Kursk Al remember no hull mg ;)

    Those big crosses are inviting a 85mm Russian AT shell ;)

    The Elephant is a funny old beast in my mind, instead of letting the runner up to the Tiger rust the Germans just had to try and find a use for it!