Saturday, April 21, 2012

Operation Archery

A game based on the actual events of 27 December 1941, Norway. Gerard played the German garrison, I the raiders. All units started the game on cards until they were spotted

Turn1, the raiders land in darkness, unmolested and begin towards their objectives. Here are AALMG platoons covering the force HQ area, which included a RN shore party and naval gunfire FO

Turn3, The Luftwaffe arrived as soon as it was light and attacked anything caught in the open. The Commandos here were already fighting a platoon of Alpine infantry who were on leave in the village at the time

RN shore party and the force anti-tank platoon just in from the harbour area

Allied air attacks concentrated on the AA defences in the first half of the game

The next two pictures show civilians that were hit by small arms fire from the raiders, which counted against them in the victory point tally at the end of the game

Turn5, Gerard rolls a 10 for air support and the Commando troop tasked with blowing up the fish oil factory  suffers quite a few casualties

The RAF replied whenever there were targets in the open

Fighting around the fish oil factory

The other side of the village, these raiders have finished fighting the Alpine troops and are engaging the organized German reinforcements that were starting to arrive

More fish oil storage tanks are set for demo

Last turn, 7. German reinforcements manage to get enough troops into the area to dispute occupation of the fish oil factory despite massive RAF air attacks. A short and unusual game, not really suited for CD3 rules but quite fun nonetheless. The Commandos ended up winning by a margin of 24 points to 12.


  1. Good looking game. Lots of eye candy and a few sailors thrown in to boot.

    Who could ask for more?

    Super to see the Hurricane in action with its updated roundels.

    Well played out I gather.

    1. yep, the only thing missing was you big boy

  2. that was a cool game. do the planes turn on their supports to look like they have changed direction or are they stuck like that?

    1. Thanks Gowan, the planes can turn on their stands

  3. Is that a Fairy Battle I see before me

    I MUST paint up mine :)

    Nice little unusual action
    You are probably right when you are saying you pushed how small can you go with Command Decision

    Good nevertheless!

    1. The Battle was pressed into service on the last turn when I rolled a 10 for support x3 aircraft, it was that or a Defiant

  4. Cool looking game Al, sounds like fun.

  5. Your Commandos look fantastic - nice to see some on the tabletop! The conversions you have done really add a great deal of character to your force. It looks like you had a hell of a game!

  6. Great looking game - nice to see the Beaufighter in action!


  7. Thanks again lads, a quick note from Gerard suggests he enjoyed himself, though will be speaking to the Red Cross about the number of civilian casualties :(

  8. That looks a great game! I'm particularly impressed by the prodigious numbers of aircraft. A Beaufighter and a Bf110 - what a treat!