Monday, July 21, 2014

British Para 2nd Battalion

Finally got around to adding another battalion to my parachute regiment. Earlier efforts can be seen here:

Most of the figures were given to me by Paul some time ago. There are Esci, Revell, Airfix and Waterloo 1815 figures in the companies

A Company

The grenadier is a modified version of the Airfix original

B Company

Another modified Airfix figure

C Company

Recon SMG Patrol stand (Caesar figure)

HQ sections. Mostly finished, just helmet chin-straps and the funny coloured berets left to paint.


  1. Top notch young man.

    You have a thing for the maroon machine it seems!

  2. Nice looking figures and good job on the mods!

  3. Oooh shiny, shiny
    I too have an Arnhem project
    Thanks for the inspiration

  4. Thanks guys, on a bit of a para project at the moment