Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Shermans

Been away taking care of a friend's training establishment for a while, which has me now mulling an offer and change of scenery. Anyway, I forgot to show you all these beauties before I left...

This care package from Paul brings my Sherman collection up to two full compaines

As you can see they are detailed and painted to Paul's high standards and include some little extras like turret stowage

I think these are Armourfast and will fit really well with my others; particularly the pair sent to me by Tim Gow a couple of years ago

The last one shows a bone yard wreck he included for me, and I actually have the few bits and pieces needed to bring this one up to service standard, and I might try and make this one the command platoon.


  1. You can never have too many Shermans...

  2. They look terrific, Al. Dusty, battered warriors. Good luck figuring out your future, sounds like an interesting opportunity.

  3. Lets see that junkyard Sherman back into service.

  4. Glad you em gang, I like em too :)