Tuesday, October 16, 2012

German East Africa - part 2

As you can see, part b is not too flash. Most of the paintwork is very old and faded, and, indeed, quite rough. The plan is to smarten them all up a bit and maybe expand the force with any new additions that turn up in time. As it stands there are two infantry battalions plus a command and a support group; they count as 'regulars'

The East African formations were organised differently from those in Europe, hence the three company battalion

Arifix, HaT and Emhar figures

This is the Ruga-Ruga company, they are mostly porters and a support unit in the logistical sense, however can function as a fighting unit also, although their firepower leaves a bit to be desired. The really useful thing about these troops is that they can be attached to other companies in basically any number. This East African collection dates from my earliest entry into this hobby and is long overdue for tarting-up.


  1. Great work, Al - note to myself: get painting again...

  2. nice figures, but I do agree they need smartening up. still nice, especially looking at the way PSR trached the sculpting for the HaT german colonials.

  3. Nice looking bunch of bandidts. Where are the good guys?

  4. Thanks boys, show you the opposition soon

  5. Interesting period, thanks for sharing these troops!