Sunday, October 7, 2012

Naval Game

A few pictures from a recent game with Paul, using his excellent new 1/300 modern naval collection

The string is used to show Exocet missile launches

The smoke at the end of the track on this one shows it has been eliminated by counter-missile systems

Paul's command took repeated hits from various weapons systems late in the game forcing him to withdraw

Here two of my RN ships sail past the sinking KRI vessel in hot pursuit of its retreating comrades, a few Carley Floats being thrown to survivors in the water in passing 

HMS Minerva and Jupiter closing in on their damaged opponents 

HMS Fife, first missile is eliminated in flight

But the second one is bang on!

A really enjoyable game to get the hang of Paul's rules and models. I think there will be greater levels of detail added once we get more familiar with the concept and its strategies. Great stuff :)


  1. I would just like to add I provided a bodacious sound track to the encounter with the Albums, Heat of the night: Bryan Adams, Love over gold: Dire Straights, Division Bell: Pink Floyd and capping it off The best of Johnny Cash...By Johnny Cash.

    Rock on Al!

  2. I never played a modern naval game, but it looks great !
    Good pictures and nice miniatures !

  3. A really clever idea using string for the missile tracks - it all looks very visually appealing.

  4. As per my comments on Paul's blog fantastic game gents and I really enjoyed your posts


    I need to get back to doing 20th Century wargames ;)

  5. It looked like a corker of a game - congrats on winning!

  6. Thanks boys, I really enjoyed myself, something different for sure. Paul's music selection was as absolute waltz down memory lane :)

  7. Hi there Al,

    it is a really awesome blog with really awesome stuff. This reminds me of the Falkland Wars and it is really cool to see you do a modern naval wargame. I do have GHQ 1/2400 GHQ modern naval miniatures myself though I haven't been playing naval wargaming for quite awhile.

    Great stuff nonetheless. Adding it to my list! (:

    Well if you like Wargaming and Modern Military Kits and collectibles, you can follow my nerdy blog feeled with various collections at Much appreciated.

    In any case, do you have more Modern Military 1/72 stuff too? Or more WWII?

  8. Jiaqi, your link seems to be broken, but nice of you to post. I don't have a lot of modern stuff, it's mostly WW1 & WW2