Saturday, September 29, 2012

1940 French Dragoons

Still a couple of platoons to add, but the rest of this project is more or less finished

Liquid Green Stuff for the joins

Still a couple of mmg stands short but Christmas is coming :)

A couple of the line companies, of which there are nine in total

Anti tank gunners

Attached regimental assets: command, MP, mortar, aalmg, telephone platoon

The full regiment needs only a handful of command and mmg stands to be complete. I can also change the formation slightly to use the group as a mechanised infantry unit; though I think I'd need about thirty Lorranie APCs :( As it stands the dragoon regiment needs sixteen trucks, cars and carriers of different types, so I'll look to get some more of these in the future


  1. Impressive work. When will we be seeing them in battle?

    1. Christmas time mate, planning some really big games :)

  2. Nice looking bunch and it looks like you're dreaming of a battle green Christmas instead of a white one.
    Have a good weekend!

  3. Great work Al, these have been a noose around your neck for quite a while now so good to see then almost completed.

    1. Thanks mate, back to the early war Germans now :)

  4. Are these modified WWI Revell figures or Caesar or another ... ?

    Please tell

    Nice work and production line

  5. Thanks Geordie, there are a few modified but most are just standard Pegasus figures. The RHQ unit has a few more alterations, head-swaps and arms