Thursday, September 13, 2012

French AALMG

Progress on my 1940 dragoon regiment continues with the addition of this anti-aircraft light machinegun platoon 

figures are Pegasus and Esci, the loader didn't quite get the attention he needed 

I used a bit of Citadel Liquid Green-Stuff here and there as an experiment, pretty good gap filler though in fairness a wee bit expensive :(

This unit would usually be part of a RHQ but can be attached to other commands if required. Of dubious AA capability, it is a deterrent at best and would be unlikely to bring down an aircraft on its own. Still, something different  


  1. Nice work here Al. I need to get some of the liquid green stuff. I've got a few figures that have a lot of assembly and there are always those tiny, tiny gaps that need filled in. I'm glad to hear that it is effective.