Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WW2 French Engineers

Now that my daughter's 21st birthday is over with I have found some time to myself and here are the latest results...

Figures are Pegasus and Caesar 

Flame-thrower engineer platoon; quite rare in the French army of this era 

Command engineer platoon

A couple of variations of the same two figures

In CD3 there are several combinations of attachment for engineers, so, depending on the size of the main formation, anything from one to five additional engineer platoons might be added to the OOB.

I tried to style them in the assault mode rather than construction. This unit does not enjoy the same firepower as a German equivalent of the same time but is still a very versatile and solid unit of infantry nonetheless.  


  1. Replies
    1. 42 aint that old mate :)

    2. Stink, you're one year younger than me! My eldest is 17...

    3. lol, they still cost $ even after they've long left the house :)

  2. Great looking TOE Al, nice and varied.

    1. Ironically my middle one was 21 in the weekend as well! 42 is ancient Al and you know it.

  3. Nice figures Al. Maybe I need some Corps level engineer units...

  4. very nice work. the french are now ready for action

  5. Very nice
    I have Pegasus and Caesar french in the pipeline, waiting for paint... just as so much else...