Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pack 75 M116

Put these together last night, one each from Gerard and Paul

Somewhat awkward engineering but still very nice models

Two is enough for most requirements, primarily marines and airborne 

Gunners to be completed at a later date. These guns will also work with a variety of other formations, theatres and periods. Versions of it are still in use today. Thanks boys :)


  1. We still have six operational here on Fort Hood Texas that are used primarily for 4th of July celebrations where they are used to accompany the 1812 overture!

  2. nice work, saw a program just recently (about the paratroopers at arhiem, damn spelling) very nice

  3. Good stuff Al, about bloomin time you got these done.

  4. They are nice pieces of kit

    I will have to look out for these too!