Sunday, September 9, 2012

More French additions...

Yet another addition to my French gun collection

This will be the second 25mm anti-tank gun for the Dragoons unit I'm working on, in CD terms it is simply a 25L72 with a RoF x3

The M37 was also used by the UK, Romania, Finland and Norway, and the Germans after the fall of France

Another good kit by Early War Miniatures


  1. Nice little piece of ordnance Al an quite powerful for the calibre.

    Good work

  2. They look to make some fine work (early war miniatures).
    Terrific work Al. You are the Early war man! :)

  3. Thanks boys, happy to be improving this part of my collection :)

  4. I just wen to their site and they've got some nice figures. There's a 75mm Dutch set that's really sweet and the price is great.

    You've done a nice job of painting these up and the dio looks great.