Thursday, September 20, 2012

French Dragoons CD stands

A few pictures of the company command platoons for my dragoons project. All are at the final stage, ready for touch-up finishing with my finest brush

Caesar, Pegasus and Revell officer figures, mostly Pegasus rifleman. The Revell ones got new heads

All nine of them. I'm working on the MMG and rifle platoons which are at different stages, and still have to add telephone, MP, anti-tank, mortar, and pure command stands. Quite a way to go on this unit but it's the first thing I've really got into for a while so will take my time


  1. Lovely progress going on Al. Nice looking stands all around.

  2. Nice job on those Frenchies Al.

  3. Good job, the different sets seem to blend together well. Something I appriciate being scale OCD :D

  4. Thanks guys, bit more progress this weekend, hopefully:)