Tuesday, January 7, 2014

S-Models PzII

 I started these basically as soon as the truck left the other day, S-Model PzII

Very simple, well engineered, x2 per box

Vellejo German Grey, black wash, about three or four layers of highlighting

Brass barrels for the 20L55 is a nice addition

Will definitely get some more of these

Lined up beside the others I have; better than the Frontline resins, not quite as good as the later model Matchbox offering

Great wargames models

I need thirteen of these in total for a full battalion. 

Off to the big smoke for graduation, back in a few days.


  1. I've been wondering about S-Models ever since seeing that the Plastic Soldier Company is stocking them. They seem to have some nice and relatively obscure early-war stuff.

  2. They look great Al.Very nicely done!

  3. The Panzer II are very beautiful. A nice platoon!

  4. They look real nice! Excellent work on the shading!


  5. I am trying to understand why you need 13?

    1939 (I would say 9 or 10) or 1940 (1 would say 6) OoB?