Sunday, December 2, 2012

Normandy at low tide

Bit of a scenic layout for you...

This is just to show how the beach obstacles actually fit in. Scaled for CD3, this strip of sand would be over a kilometre wide  

What the Germans saw...

Cheers Dave


  1. Great work Dave! A real Tom Hanks feel about it mate.

  2. Amazing work Dave. Thats what wargaming is about. Side note, I am off to Normandy next year. Full tour of all the beaches and all the airborne sites. Can't wait for that.

  3. They look perfect in their setting!

  4. Great work... now lets try and sail over the obsitcals at high tide... anyone who survives gets the million dollar reward

  5. Saving private Ryan on the way!!
    Some excellent scenery there Al! Eye candy to be exact! :-)

  6. Dave would thank you all himself for your kind words, but I suspect he's lost his log-in details again :) :)