Saturday, May 25, 2013

1960-80s British Infantry

My order has finally arrived! A while ago when me and my friends Dave and Paul were looking to get into some Cold War gaming I went searching for suitable infantry figures and found these

Apparently they were not available and not likely to be any time soon. And so, I went with these instead

Well, now I have the lot and can represent all manner of British Infantry from 1950-1990s. I didn't know about the Britain's Deetail figures at the time, but now I know that these were originally 1/32

Nicely detailed figures with very minimal flash

I've only done a couple of companies because I want to mix the figures with some Matchbox NATO paratroops, if I can get some...?

A couple of the figures have rank stripes on their sleeves and I may attempt to highlight these on a few of them later

A Company

I spent a lot of time trying to get the camouflage right, which was very difficult considering I spent half my adult life wearing the stuff! 

The grenadier poses 

B Company

A couple of pictures taken in brighter light to show you the DPM

All of them need to be touched up now around their bases, neck lines and berets but are more or less finished. I used only Vallejo paints for this project

These first few are, of course, Marines :) 


  1. Nicely done Al. I thought they may never arrive!

  2. Great Job with the painting! Really cool! I always love and take an interest in Modern Military stuff ;) Good one!

  3. Love 'em, Al - these would make great UNIT troops ��

    1. My thoughts exactly, Five rounds rapid!

    2. Lol, no Dalek box sets available in 1/72 lads :)

    3. There are somewhat 28mm-ish Daleks available, and I suspect if you asked nicely (and paid) Elheim might be able to do you a decent stand-in figure in metal.

  4. Great painting ordering mine will go nicely with the old JB/Airfix vehicles.....the cold war needs its profile raised in Wargames terms

  5. Great work! The Revell reissue of the Matchbox Paratroopers is meant to be this year, so I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with once you have them as well!

  6. Great comments all, grab some of these quick! As soon as I get some of the Matchbox varieties I;ll mix em up for you - cheers

  7. Lovely work on those guys!!