Monday, July 6, 2015

Airfix Hannover

Out of storage for a little touch-up

I've had this kit a long time, it is one of my favourite WW1 aircraft

I've got another one of these to put together, and a WW1 game scenario set in 1918 where the Germans get x2 to use in a ground attack role, keep you posted on that one - thought I might attempt the harlequin paint scheme that some of these had too

However, just accepted a short term contract near Townsville so all of my projects and plans will have to wait a little while. Show you some pictures of my new man-cave once I've found one.




  1. That is a cool kit Al! Townsville will be just lovely for a Kiwi right now!

  2. very interesting plane, great job!

  3. This is great, Al. I'm looking forward to your WW1 post and another of these beauties. Good luck with the man-cave.

  4. Well done.
    Exquisite model.

    My first Airfix aircraft

  5. *cough* Forgive the correction but that's actually a Roland CII not a Hannover. Both kits by Airfix though :)

  6. Yep, an oldie but a goodie :)